For my Writing Communications class, we have been assigned to keep a blog that exhibits our different writing environments and why these environments help us write better. Stay tuned as I post more pictures of my work spaces!

Summary-Analysis-Response Paper

outside writing April 8, 2014. We have begun our last paper for
IWC. As we read All Our Relations by Winona LaDuke, we are writing the SAR paper. With only
two chapters left to read, I have an idea on what I will address in this paper. In this photo on the left
, you can see that I decided to take advantage of the mobile laptop and I wrote the analysis part of
the paper outside by a park in Moorhead — not too far from Moxie Java. It was quite nice to be outside to do homework, but being right next to a road was distracting at times. The warm weather made it worth it though!

Library Research Paper

April 5, 2014.
Currently, I am sitting in Moxie Java, jamming out to Ron Pope as I make the final LRP
corrections to the Library Research Paper. As you can see, I also have my email opened along the side of my paper. If I don’t frequently check my email, I’ll usually have 10-12 emails sitting in my inbox. To make life a little easier and more organized, I always check my email (it also gives me a little break from the paper). We have one more paper to go after this one, and then it’s summer! It’s unbelievably crazy how quickly time can fly.

business centerMarch 30, 2014. Today, I decided to treat myself and got a frappuccino at the Starbucks in the
Business Center. Having no desire to walk back to my dorm quite yet, I found this little nook where I could comfortably work. I enjoy working in the Business Center immensely because it’s quiet, open, and bright — a great environment to allow the free-flow of creativity.





March 18, 2014. Atlas, we have started a new paper! The next paper takes the concept from our last paper and looks upon what scholars are saying about the topic and we get to tribute our own research into the conversation. In the photograph, you will see all the 20 page essays I have found and plan on utilizing in my paper. Good thing I like my topic, or reading all those essays would have been very, very difficult.

Field Research Paper Writing Environments

March 4, 2014. I am making the final touches to our first paper, the Field Research paper. This is what my screen typically looks like when I am writing. My document, music, and thesaurus sit open at my finger tips to aid and encourage me to continue writing and editing. After spending two months on this paper, I’m ready to move onto the next paper!



February 8, 2014. Today, I walked to Starbucks to write. I decided to take the risk and walk through the tundra to Starbucks because I wanted a new environment to work in. I work in my dorm every single day and I visit the library and Knuston frequently. Starbucks seemed like the best choice because of the comfortable yet buzzing atmosphere and I love coffee. 🙂



January 31, 2014. The lounge of Ivers is where I interviewed the President and Vice President of SALSA. Interviewing here was nice because it is a public, open space that allowed us to chit chat freely and comfortably. That being said, it also wasn’t the best location because  people walked by noisily, disrupting our conversation. I am very happy with the results of the interview; I thought we would talk for a half an hour and we ended up conversing for an hour and a half! I learned so much about SALSA and studying abroad. I’m excited to go to the meeting next week to see what others have to say and how members interact.

IMG_0210 IMG_0211








January 22, 2014. This is my one of my main writing environments. It’s my desk within my dorm room. I write here quite often because it’s convenient, especially on cold days like today when I don’t want to leave my room. I usually like to write in brighter settings but my roommate likes to keep the lights off as much as possible… so there’s that.


4 thoughts on “Writing Environments

  1. I normally write on my dorm desk too. I think convenience is a big part of why I do it. Because you like writing in brighter environments, I think it is good that you have your desk light on and your window open. If you ever want to leave your room to write, the business center is very bright and open, so you might like writing in.

  2. Looks pretty simple! I hung up christmas lights all around my room so I can have those on while my roommate is in bed. It’s dim enough for him not to get bothered by it! And, its not as harsh of light as those dreadful ceiling lights in Livedalen!

    • I definitely agree, the lights in Livedalen are not the best… I technically have two lamps on my desk (the one Livedalen provided and I brought one) and I use them both quite frequently. Thanks for the suggestions 🙂

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