At day’s break, warm droplets of sunshine nuzzle my face to welcome me into the new day. Reluctant to leave the comforting sheets that held me throughout the night, I leave my bed due to the smell of pancakes and syrup seeps through the crevasses of the door. Sweatshirt in hand, I hustle downstairs to the beckoning aroma. After seizing a plate, I step out onto the porch to be wrapped in a blanket of moist, cool air. Hummingbirds whir softly as they sip upon their sweet, tangy nectar. Everything is quiet, calm, tranquil; the only sound is the tides licking the shore. My cabin is a world within the larger world we all live in.

After finishing breakfast, I slip into the standard weekend apparel: a swimsuit. The necessities for the day–sunglasses, towel, tanning lotion, iPod–are tucked away in my bag as I make my way to the dock. Towel laid at the perfect angle for the rising sun, I slather on the tanning lotion, throw on the sunglasses, and start the tunes. My skin bathes in the sun’s golden jewels as it climbs in the sky. My mind strays to the obligations and conflicts back at home: when am I working this week, how am I going to get to my softball games and practices, what chores need to get done at home, how I need to get a start on my summer homework–the list goes on and on! If I were at home, my idea of relaxation would be the drive home from work. These thoughts crash and collide into one another like waves slamming against the dock, twisting my relaxed state into a nervous, uptight frenzy. The banana Laffy-Taffy tanning cream wafts throughout my senses, bringing me back to the present. Body scorching from the newly acquired rays, I jump into the lake.

The tranquilizing water nestles my body and pulls me deeper into the lake, farther away from the thoughts of moral imperatives. The deeper I swim into the lake, the stronger the pressure becomes. The gentle push in my inner ears quickly advances into a fierce grip on my whole head. I swim frantically and break the surface, taking in a massive gulp of air. I am grateful for the sun pressing against my body, the gentle waves caressing the shoreline, not having to worry about anything. These simple details help me enjoy what life is about.

After a satisfying lunch, I jump into my paddle boat and venture off into the bay. Boats from all over the lake pull their skiers and wake boarders while others cruise to admire the beautiful lake. I paddle my way into one of the lake’s greatest treasures, a subtle creek. When I enter the creek, the busy lake is hushed into silence. I stop paddling and the let the gentle push of the current take me, allowing me to observe the waterscape.
A light breeze maneuvers through the looming cat-tails. Seagulls cry overhead. The slight stench of a dead fish hovers nearby. My hand cups a pool of the chilly lake. A drop of salty sweat falls onto my lips, seeping onto my tongue. My mind wanders back to my affairs at home. There, I would be working at my job throughout the day, going to a tiresome practice, and coming home to help with the never-ending list of chores. I look at the landscape around me. Why think about troubles when I am surrounded by beauty? Nature is an elegant gift, providing much more than something to look at. It sets a serene mood, allowing me to cleanse myself. Lost within the enchanting scenery, I almost don’t notice the setting sun. I paddle to the cabin, leaving a wake that breaks the colors pirouetting across the lake’s ripples.

At last the cool breeze ushers in the night. The flames of the bonfire embellish the dark welkin. I lay on the dewy grass and stare at the clean, black-slate sky. My mind is as peaceful as this night. Grabbing a stick, I push a marshmallow upon it and poke it in the heart of the fire. Flames wrap around the puffy-white blob and it soon metamorphoses into a black coal. I put my overcooked marshmallow on a graham cracker and I lay back down. A blissful laugh escapes my lips as the warm, gooey s’more dribbles down my chin. Pin-pricks of light slowly emerge in the inky black sky. If I didn’t go up to my cabin this weekend, I would have been in bed by now, getting my rest before I undergo the same day again. But all complications are at ease, not to be bothered with. I don’t want to be anywhere else than where I am now.


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