Aloe becoming one’s best friend

Beaches equating to second homes

Country music blasting from cabins

Drive-in movies vanishing but still attracting movie-goers

Electric storms painting the night sky

Fires with friends

Grill-outs occupying the neighborhood lawns

Hot-dogs filling paper plates

Ice-cream melting onto sticky fingers

Jay-walking to advance to the night’s destination

Kayaking down rivers

Lakes’ surfaces engulfing a variety of boats

Minnesota’s population enjoying summer to its maximum

Night skies consumingly full of billions of stars

Outdoor activities tangling into life’s daily schedule

People crowding the streets for street dances, parades, and fairs

Quiet days existing to catch up on reading

Road trips intertwining luggage, food, and zealous faces

Sand between the toes

Tents in the woods

UV rays soaking into skin

Vivid memories piling onto each other with each night

Warm weather hugging life into Minnesotans’ winter-dead bodies

X’ing out the thought of school

Yearning for more summer

Zorbaz restaurants fulfilling our summer cravings


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