We walk. We wander. We watch.

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Photography is poetry, both immortalizes a moment of time. Where they differ is how they use storytelling practices to tell a story. Poetry allows its story’s image to be created by the reader’s mind while photography allows the story to be created through the reader’s interpretation of the photo.

A poet utilizes literary devices to conjure evocative moments, to allow the black lines and bends of letters fabricate scenes in the reader’s mind, to create room for various interpretations of the story. 

A photographer finds the literary devices within the story–the flashbacks of the past hidden in old buildings; the blended alliteration between a stream, sidewalk, and sky; the anecdote of a dad and baby son sitting at a bus stop; the tone set by the collaboration of colors in the woods.

The best way to tell a story? That depends on the story and its artist.

I am a storyteller by word and picture, by passion and profession, by desire and survival.

By being both a writer and photographer, I can share an unabridged narrative. Humans like to know the whole story, so why not give it all?

The pictures above are from the latest excursion in Minneapolis. Clay, my mom, and I ambled around the Warehouse District, 1st Avenue, and Uptown for a day. With no destination in mind, we found places that we would have never seen before.


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